Emilia Mc Dowell

Stassenname Eclipse

Affiliation Team T.I.M.

Specialisation Street Mage

EmiliaMc Dowell is currently active as a freelance security consultant for various corporations and individuals in the field of magic security. The native-born Brit achieved the experience in this area on her countless Shadowruns and expanded it into a lucrative business thanks to her ambition. She uses this identity often as a cover for her Runs, which she recently only performs for close friends and personal interests or extraordinary wage. Since the fine line between her work as a security advisor and a runner is often blurry, the ambitious young woman has cautiously built up an additional identity as a writer and actress, which she maintains diligently and defends ruthlessly.


Amy is considered to be unpredictable and that’s also the way she acts. She is cold, calculating, manipulative and plans her steps far in advance. She sees most of her fellow humans as toys, with which she can deal as she pleases. She’s considered to be incredibly resentful; however she’s able to withhold her anger for a long time in order to wait for a suitable moment to take her sweet revenge. Her distinct knowledge of human nature helps her often to recognize if she has to restrain herself or whether she can unleash her aggressions. If one in some way manages to make her blacklist ones only hope is to sooner or later become valuable to her. Her acting experience helps her to ingratiate herself with any enemies and to get close to them, so that she can finally, with surgical precision, destroy them from the inside out. Eclipse does stop at almost nothing when it comes to achieving her goals; however, she uses mostly subtle ways and means so to stay under the radar as long it’s in her interest. She remains loyal to her friends and is there for them, even though she usually doesn’t show them in a direct manner.


In the runner team, which she is part of, she acts as the face and takes over most of the critical negotiations. When it comes to interrogations, Eclipse develops a sadistic desire to squeeze even the last bit of information out of her victims, which occasionally leads to her committing acts of unimaginable brutality.


Despite these many dark facets she’s trying to be friendly, nice, and as far as possible helpful, as long as one doesn’t thwart her plans.