Amy, Headshot & a Cat is a Webcomic which is settled in the Shadowrun-Universe. The primary actors in this comic are the three Runners Eclipse, Headshot and Nia, who do their work in the Shadows of Seattle. The narration of the comic begins in 2064, shortly before the Crash2.0 and thereby continues the story of the three runners. Although the comic focuses primarily on the erotic everyday life of the three main characters, it also tells of their adventures in the Shadows of the Megaplex.


Update: every Sunday


Book 01
Amy, Headshot and a CatThe first volume of this Webcomic focus on the story about Eclipses’ search for the fragments of her past. Abducted and abused by the yakuza as a child, the street mage leads a vendetta against the former tormentors of her and her twin sister. Her search for those responsible leads her on many adventures, in which she even discovers things, she didn’t really expect to find. Drag into this world of violence, madness and mysteries are the two Tir Tairngire special agents Nia and Headshot, who do not even know what they are going to experience.